Monday, March 7, 2011

Project Simplify

Confession:  I am a blog stalker.

Yes, I admit it.  And I am ok with it.  It's how I get great ideas and adapt them for me, my family, and our home.  No reformation needed.  I enjoy it!

One blog I like to check out is  Simplemom she is the author of a new book called, Organized Simplicity.  Her book came out in November.  Oh me?  Have I read it?  Well, no not yet.  I am still consuming One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  And yes, she is a blogger too!  She writes over at A Holy Experience.  Again, I repeat, I am a blog stalker.

Tsh over at Simplemom has a challenge for the month of March that I will be tackling with her and her grand following of bloggers and blog stalkers.  DECLUTTER.  She will be focusing on a certain "hot spot" each week, (come spot for an entire week? can do it too:) ).  Being a mom of two little ones, homeschooling, wife to a business owner, and most recently a full time caregiver for my sister it leaves little time for my own "hot spots".

This first week it looks like we will be conquering our closet.  No it is not the place that our visitors see.  But it is a place we must go DAILY.

How does this work?  Visit Simplemom for all of the details.  I will be posting before and after pictures the end of this week.  Start your spring cleaning early and join in on the fun!  You have "hot spots" too right?

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