Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lessons From A Six Year Old

"Ugh, I'm too big for my clothes, I don't have anything to wear."  It just came out.  Being the mother of two little girls I am usually conscientious of saying any "fat", "ugly", self depreciating comments in front of them. 

I think I might have been digging through a pile of clean laundry in our living room talking to my husband in passing.  I didn't really even notice my girls in the room.

My six year old says, "Stop it momma, you're perfect."

It stopped me in my tracts.  My husband looking at me like, "Mmmmhhhhmmm."  With his eyebrows raised and head lowered.

Here we are trying as parents to raise our little girls to be confident in themselves.  In the perfect way that God has made them to be.  We have even had them look into the mirror at the eye, and say, "I love myself."

Don't get me wrong.  Our goal is not for them to be full of self conceit or thinking of themselves as better than others.  But rather to be sure of who they are.  God has created each of us with such love and devotion.  Counting the hairs on our head.  How can I so easily discredit the great creator?

It's so easy for me to find my own faults.  My flaws seem to even glow in the dark.  No really, I can be in bed while all is quiet (my bouts of insomnia) and the weight and brightness of my imperfections are what keep me from slumber.

As I am starting my new adventure of living my life with more eucharisteo.  Giving God thanks in even the very small and simple.  There in my daughters words lye so much more.  Maybe it is time for me to spend a little more time in front of that mirror...

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  1. I'm thinking that you just did spend some time in that mirror! And that mirror spoke to you out of pure love! Is that beautiful or what?

    You and Ben are doing such a wonderful job as parents. I'm proud of you!