Saturday, April 2, 2011

We did it!

I have been away for a bit.  Well, not away, away.  But some how this past week or so have seemed to be extra overly filled, as opposed to my usual just overly filled.  But we did manage to do it.

After reading others responses about their dating their spouses, and of course God perfectly placing radio programs about that specific topic (I love it when He does that), how could I not?

We didn't go do your typical date type things.  Originally my husband had wanted to take to me to go look at one of his job sites....uuuhhhmm.  Instead we got a smidge bit more adventurous and went looking at furniture!  I know right!

Don't get excited, we didn't buy anything.  We did find a bedroom set that we liked and one for the girls.  It wasn't hard for us to agree on something.  It seemed to be more difficult to actually find what we liked.

As my husband says, I am a legs gal.  Give me a nice set of legs on that table and I can make it into anything I want, but it's gotta have a good set of legs.

I'm liking the Paula Deen furniture.  Yes, she has furniture too.  It's Paula Deen yall!  (I couldn't resist).  Don't love the chairs, but just look at the legs on that table.  LOVE.

Love the leg detail (can't help it, I'm leg obsessed) and the top one looks more brown, but in person it looks more black.

Yes, this is what we did on our date.  We hopped from shop to shop laughing at some, using the bathroom at most.  We had fun.  We didn't buy a thing, well, lunch.  But so glad we made the time to spend together.  We didn't sit gazing into each others eyes, baring our souls.  But we got to laugh and just hang out together. 

Have you made time for your spouse lately?  Who knows, maybe between all of us, someone will get some new furniture!  (Just send me a picture of those legs).